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Honeybee Removal

Welcome to Wildlife Abatement LLC – Honeybee Removal Experts. We are your bee control experts serving most of Louisiana, Arkansas and parts of Texas. We are capable of solving any issue related to flying stinging insects, whether its a swarm of africanized bees, yellow jackets nesting in the ground, or a honey bee hive in your roof. We specialize in chemical-free live honey bee removal and provide long term solutions to bee infestations, but we are also wildlife removal experts.

Honeybee RemovalWildlife Abatement is committed to using the most environmentally eco-friendly methods of Honeybee Removal and control. We only perform humane Honeybee Removal.  This means that we keep the honey bees alive as we move them from your property to our apiary outside of Bossier City. Live honeybee removal is just as effective as other methods used to exterminate bees, plus it has several advantages.

When a Honeybee is collecting nectar from a flower, it transports pollen from that flower to the next flower it lands on. This transfer of pollen from one plant to another is how plants make seeds and reproduce. Without bees many plants, including crops that we depend on to feed ourselves, would not be able to survive. It is estimated that if bees were to become extinct, humans would perish four to five years later.

The other reason we focus on Honeybee Removal rescue is that some of the chemicals used to kill bees may also be harmful to humans and pets. For obvious reasons pesticides are not tested directly on humans so it is difficult to know the exact consequences they have on our health. Another problem with pesticides is that they can seep into ground water and pollute streams and drainages.