Open Air Bee Hive

One of the coolest things I’ve seen in the bee world

Open Air Honey Bee HiveLoving my job this week. We are extremely busy and already have had two rare opportunities in Louisiana. Yesterday I saw a fantastic example of an open-air honey bee hive. I hope to have pictures tomorrow. The other is a chance to trap an animal that “does not even exist” in Louisiana. More to come…

This was on Barksdale Air Force Base in the Historic Housing area in bossier City, LA.

The hive was put in a new hive body and the colony was relocated to my apiary. The customer got some of the honey.

I cut the comb level off the limb then trimmed the comb to fit the frame and used rubber bands to secure the comb in the frames. The bees will secure the comb to the frame, cut the rubber bands off and shove the rubber bands out he door.