What is the difference between a European Bee and an African Bee?

African Honey Bees (AHB) differ significantly in behavior from their cousins, the European honey bees (the gentle bees managed by beekeepers) as AHBs can exhibit defensive behavior that can potentially compromise public safety. If someone approaches a European honey bee hive, a few of the bees might come out of the hive to “inspect” the disruptive activity. But when an AHB nest is disturbed, several hundred bees can come out to defend the nest and chase the victim for over ¼ mile. The resulting amount of stings is greatly increased from that of European bees, and children, the elderly, and pets especially are not able to sustain the large number of stings.

I see a bunch of bees flying in my backyard. Should I be worried?

This can indicate any number of things from a swarm of scouts looking for a new place to build a hive, or a swarm that just moved in. You probably won’t be able to tell the difference, so give us a call at (318)553-3006 for a no-obligation visit by our Bee Removal Expert.This way we can best advise you.

How much damage can bees do?

When considering how to get rid of bees, keep in mind that bees can create many problems for us humans, bees can create honey in structures that can seep through walls, ceilings, stucco, etc. This can in turn cause rotting, mold, awful smells, and attract other insects and creatures that can end up being much more expensive then if you had the bees removed in the first place.

Can I just kill the bees and seal the hole up?

This process is highly not recommended. If you end up doing this you can aggravate the bees to the point where you will get attacked. Additionally, trapping the bees within a structure can still cause damage because of the honey that was leftover. Furthermore, there is still the possibility that the bees will find another way out. Not only will this process cause damage to your structure but it can also cause harm to those around the given structure.

How far will you travel to do a bee removal?

We will travel as far as we need to in order to give you the service that you need. We currently service Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas. Give us a call at (318)553-3006 to discuss your exact issue.

Why do you promote live removal over extermination?

Honey bees are important to the environment. They pollinate crops and flowers. Over the years their numbers have been decreasing and it is up to us to do all we can to preserve them. Extermination does not remove comb, honey and brood from walls or ceilings. The comb will break down over time and the honey leak through walls or ceilings. The dieing brood will stink and draw other insects. The wax and honey left in walls and the outside access left open will draw other bee swarm in the future.